International Week Begins with a Message

Teachers, staff, and administrators show support for all students

Abington High School teachers and staff show their support for English language learners by wearing T-shirts on Monday, March 2, 2020 that say “Seja voce! Estaja aqui! Participe! to begin the celebration of International Week. Front row left to right: Ms. Farias, Ms. Peck, Ms. Cutter, Ms. Solano, Mr. Dorman. Back row left to right: Ms. Coakley, Ms. Pflaumer, Dr. Gonsalves, Ms. Wakelin, Ms. Kitterick, Ms. London, Ms. Kenealy, and Ms. Posk.


On Monday, faculty, administration, and support staff at Abington High School wore T-shirts that said “Seja voce! Estaja aqui! Participe!,” which loosely translated from the Portuguese means “Be you! Stay here! Participate!”

The unified message was to show all students that they belonged at the high school. The event kicked off the celebration of International Week.

Throughout both floors of the school, flags representing different countries appeared. Large flags hung over the middle school cafeteria, while along the stair wells near the cafeteria and around the rotunda on the second floor paper flags were hung. Signs also were hung outside of classes in different languages stating what the class was.