Student Spotlight: Gracie and Isabella O’Connell

One of many sets of AHS twins makes their mark

On January 23, 2109, from left to right Gracie O’Connell and Isabella O’Connell talking behind the three point line during a free throw shot at Abington High School gymnasium


About 32 out of every 1000 people are twins. At Abington, there are several sets of twins. For instance, in the senior class there are the Christians, Roberts, Coles, and Riddicks. In the junior class, there are the Bregolis, Moodoyans, and O’Connells. This certain set of twins go by the names of Isabella and Gracie O’Connell.

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Their personality and talents are so unique, they’re probably the best person and set of twins I’ve coach in my years at Abington.

— Coach Casey

Both O’Connells are student athletes participating in soccer, basketball, and track and field for Abington Green Wave.

Isabella is the starting goalie for the girls’ soccer team and has been since she was a freshman. She also is the starting guard for the girls’ varsity basketball team. Gracie is the defender/midfielder for the girls’ soccer team and the starting guard for the girls varsity basketball team, also she is the treasurer for the junior class of 2021. They both also throw discus for the Girls’ varsity spring track and field.

From being lock-down defenders for the girls’ soccer team to shooting lights out for the Abington girls’ varsity basketball team, these two girls are very strong and hardworking student athletes. Their soccer coach, Kate Casey was asked about their work ethic on and off the field/court.

“Those two girls are the hardest working kids on our team. Their personality and talents are so unique, they’re probably the best person and set of twins I’ve coach in my years at Abington. It’s stellar to work with them and understand them as a player and athlete,” Coach Casey said. She is also excited to see what they do for their senior year as student athletes and hopes people come and see the team performance next fall of September 2020.

Gracie and Isabelle’s love for sports and Abington’s athlete program is priceless. Gracie and Isabella were asked about their thoughts on playing for Abington sports and the love for it.

Gracie said, “I’ve grown up in Abington my whole life and always looked up to and watched the high school players from the past. It means a lot to now play at that level and have a jersey that says Abington across my chest and able to wear it proudly as athletics are a big part of the town and I love the welcoming environment from all the players and coaches.”

Isabella said, “I think that Abington sports truly define character and teamwork. Rarely do any of my teams rely on one person, it comes down to a team effort. That’s something that I love about the sports at Abington High.”

Both of the girls hope for their senior year to hope to qualify for their state tournament next year for all sports, said by both “be a good role mole for the underclassmen and improve my skills to help the team do well, work hard in the off-season and we would love to finish our high school career off with a great season in all sports.”

They both hope to continue their soccer or track career because “that’s what we’ve been passionate about for our whole life and it’s our favorite sports.”