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Kathryn Sage, personal photo with permission

Abington High School’s journalists in the CAM studio on Friday, February 7, 2020. Front row Maria Wood, Kayla Larkin-Goodman, Jack Clifford, Ms. Pflaumer. Behind them left to right Vincent Kariuki, Sean Moran, Chris Lussier, Joao Andrade, Cam Curney, Jake Bennett, Derek Tirrell, James Mulkern, Haley Cooper, Emily Christian, Linda Daye, John Mueller, Rob Tashjian, and Kathryn Sage. Missing in the photo is Troy Brown.


Students in Journalism and Digital Production were interested in how covering the news worked. The class of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors spent time watching news to get the gist, selecting segments they felt would be interesting to their audience, creating storyboards for each segment, recording in the Abington CAM studio, editing, and finally producing it. They learned first hand a bit more about the work that goes into reporting the news and digital production.

Special thanks to Dr. Sullivan for sitting down to an interview for the community news profile.

  • Director, junior Derek Tirrell
  • Production team, seniors John Mueller, Emily Christian, Linda Daye, and Cam Curney
  • Anchorman, senior Cam Curney
  • School news team, seniors Kathryn Sage and Robert Tashjian
    • Special guest Dr. Teresa Sullivan, principal of Abington High
  • Health team, sophomore Vincent Kariuki and senior Kayla Larkin-Goodman
  • Sports team, senior Joao Andrade, junior Jack Clifford, and sophomore Maria Wood
  • Weather team, sophomore Chris Lussier and senior Sean Moran
  • PSA team, seniors Haley Cooper and Jake Bennet with junior James Mulkern
  • CAM studio executive director Mr. Kevin Tocci
  • Teacher Ms. Patricia Pflaumer