What Made the News in the Last Decade?

Top Stories in the Green Wave Gazette 2013-2019


Mr. Jim Dorman

Members of the 2013-2014 Green Wave Gazette staff hold copies of the print newspaper: Caroline Bradbury (L), Nicole Bradbury, Ian MacLeod, and Jake Snyder (R).


Now that a decade has passed, the Green Wave Gazette looked back at their top stories since 2013 when it first began publishing on this website.

Two of the stories are about Abington alumni who left us too soon (#2 and #5). Two are feature stories about alumni pursuing their dreams (#3 and #4). Two stories are opinions (#1 and #6), and one story is personal about living with cystic fibrosis (#7, which won a Best of SNO award last year).

Each of these stories has had over one thousand views.

  1. 2013: Alyssa Devlin’s Too Much Focus on Grades, Not Enough on Learning
  2. 2014: Alex Tempesta’s Abington Pulls Together
  3. 2015: Madison Contrino’s Living Her Dream
  4. 2016: Jason Kinniburgh’s Nursing School According to Mikayla Rooney
  5. 2017: Kristen White’s Make Every Day a Sammi Kinda Day
  6. 2018:Rachel Barrett’s  Mental Health Matters
  7. 2019: Amanda Murphy’s Every Day Is a Battle to Breathe

Be sure to come back to see what is covered in 2020 this new decade. Happy New Year!