A Matter of Life and Death

Regulating Healthcare Is Necessary


Wesalius, via Wikimedia Commons, public domain

Insulin is one of the drugs that can vary widely in cost and be out of the price range for those who need it to survive.

Nick Light, Contributor

Healthcare in America has many unspoken disadvantages. The CEOs of these large private healthcare companies have healthcare in the palm of their hands and healthcare is not nearly regulated enough. The healthcare and pharmaceutical field is way too centered on supply and demand, rather than it being centered on what people need to live. Too many drugs are way too expensive. It is disgusting how big pharmaceutical takes advantage of people needing things to live.

Major healthcare corporations can basically do whatever they want. They know that. Too many corporations take advantage of that. They have the power to wring money out of people who desperately need what these companies are supplying.

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Human greed is part of our nature, and history shows that taking advantage of those weaker will not just go away.”

— Nick Light

A lot of healthcare corporations give discounts on luxuries, but none on necessities. For instance, a person can be given Viagra, but not insulin. I have heard horror stories from people in the Type 1 Diabetes community about how their health insurance denied insulin for their child or themselves. Insulin for a Type 1 Diabetic is what keeps them alive. Before the discovery of how to make insulin was made, if a person was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes they were basically done for. Although a person with Type 1 Diabetes has a shorter life span, taking insulin improves it. Denying people coverage for something medication of something like Type 1 Diabetes or another life threatening disease or illness is disgusting, especially when you take into consideration that with no healthcare coverage, some drugs are not affordable. Insulin can be upwards of $1500 and chemotherapy can be anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 a month.

Without regulating the private healthcare system and agencies, getting a fair shake is way too difficult. There needs to be a common healthcare system with the government regulating it. These people at the top of these unregulated private healthcare companies cannot continue to hold the power. It doesn’t work.

Human greed is part of our nature, and history shows that taking advantage of those weaker will not just go away. People might want to believe everyone is perfect, but inevitably people with power will be greedy and selfish. People in a position of power often begin to lack empathy and sympathy. Power can cause them to start to forget that other people are people.

Major healthcare companies often milk money off of the misfortune of others. Money becomes the goal. Too often if a situation does not directly affect a person, the person becomes irrelevant. So big pharmaceutical companies often milk every last dollar they can out of the powerless. But to someone for whom it is possibly life or death to get medicine, for this attitude to be pushed upon them by a higher establishment is catastrophic.

This exploitation by big healthcare corporations cannot continue. Healthcare needs to be regulated. The healthcare and pharmaceutical field is way too centered on supply and demand. Eventually the demand will outdo the supply and the prices will spike, becoming even more unaffordable for everybody and many more lives will be lost. This is why big, private health care providers must be regulated.