Students Prepare for Pep Rally

Showing Their Green Wave Pride

The second floor rotunda at Abington High School was streaming with Green Wave Pride on Tuesday, November 26, 2019 after school in preparation for tomorrow’s Pep Rally.

Alex Jernegan, Staff Writer


On Tuesday, November 26, students in freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior classes showed their spirit. Each class was given a section of the school to decorate. Several students put in the effort to show their Green Wave pride.


The area around the auditorium and fitness room was designated to seniors for tomorrow’s Pep Rally. After school, Lauren Keleher and Sam Johnson put up streamers and tinsel in green and white, while seniors Daisy Littlefield, Arlene Perez and the co-advisor Mrs. Peck put up slips of green waves with the seniors names on them. Tomorrow will be the seniors last Pep Rally at Abington High School. 

The Cheerleaders also decorated the lockers of seniors on the football team, filling them with the player’s favorite snacks and beverages.


When asked how they got so many posters for their area, junior Lyla Blanchard said that the class was using some “old posters from years past.” Erin Doherty, who was also preparing the junior area, was putting together a hanging decoration to string across the balcony, while the class president, Rachel Barrett, was standing in front of a wall with Maura Odell. Barrett said they “decided to write everyone’s name on cupcake liners to try to include everyone.” The juniors even hung decorations from the stairwell that spelled out Juniors.


Class president Julia Wedge and sophomore Nicole Bernache decorated the second floor. They and other students put up posters and streamers “to get ready for the pep rally.” The balcony railing at the rotunda that looks down at the 1st floor was heavily decorated in green and white streamers, showing the class’s Green Wave Pride. There was also a poster with all members of the sophomore class’s names, created by Grace Giampaolo and Sarah Naidjaite.


The freshmen class was busy decorating the first floor of the high school. Cam Testa, Ava Fisher and Cam Ranous hung up Green, White and Black dots that had every class of 2023 student’s first and last name. They also put up posters that were recently made, and hung streamers on the walls and around the hallways. Freshmen Sophie Giller is working on streamers for the walls and around the hallways