Calling All Strength and Conditioning Coaches!

Abington Athletics is Hiring


Bill Marquadt, used with permission

Senior Athletic Awards from the Senior Athletic Recognition night in 2019.

Recently, the Abington Athletic Department announced that they will be looking to hire a new coach, specifically for Strength and Conditioning, funded by the Green Wave Boosters.

Before this addition, athletic coaches would have their teams do fitness based on what that individual coach wanted. But with the addition of this new coach, Abington athletes will be able to learn professional advice, workouts, and athletic knowledge from a coach who specializes in these areas.

Abington’s Athletic Director, Peter Serino discussed the advantages of having a coach who is focused on these areas. He said, “Having someone qualified to train he athletes to perform at a higher level and stay healthier is the obvious part.”

Serino talked about how having this new coach will also help students in other aspects besides conditioning. “By having a strength and conditioning coach our students, in addition to being bigger, stronger and faster, will be more confident and more prepared to face the challenges they will encounter throughout their life,” Serino said.

This new coach will assist in many different aspects of fitness. Serino said, “The coach will work to teach and facilitate: mobility and flexibility work, Olympic lifts, strength training exercises, conditioning, speed and agility training, balance and functional movements, and plyometric exercises.”

In addition to these areas of fitness, this new coach will also advise nutritional needs and resources, and also provide advice and insight to prevent as well as recover from injuries. They will be available for all three athletic seasons and will be responsible for communicating their schedule to the coaches and athlete to ensure students are able to have access to the assistance they need.

The addition of this coach will be advantageous. Regarding how having a specific coach will differ from the past, Serino said, “By having a dedicated strength and conditioning coach we will have an expert in the field in there regularly to help students design and implement programs to meet their goals.”

For more information about this position, contact Abington’s Athletic director, Peter Serino at [email protected]. Check out their Twitter at