Wave Wear Is Coming Soon!

Abington High's Marketing Students Open a New Store


Vianne Shao

Abington High School senior Colby Augusta is a member of Ms. Howell's marketing class who will be opening a story Wave Wear on Monday, November 18, 2019.

Vianne Shao, Contributor

Did you know Abington High is opening a store? Wave Wear is slated to open on Monday, Nov. 18. It will be located in Room 1018, next to the Green Wave Cafe and open during lunch on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Business teacher Ms. Howell recently sat down for an interview about what went in to opening a store and why she and her students decided to do it.

Why a store? How will it benefit the school and students?

It will give students an opportunity to work in an actual retail environment. It also provides a place for the school and hopefully, soon the community, to purchase Abington Green Wave merchandise.

How will accounting skills be used?

The students will have to keep track of inventory, cash, and we will be reconciling our accounts with the town accounts.

The students help on every aspect in terms of finding vendors and creating designs for the shirts.”

— Ms. Howell

How are your students helping you with the school store?

The students help on every aspect in terms of finding vendors and creating designs for the shirts. They will be doing inventory and accounting as well as overseeing sales and marketing. On top of all, they will be printing and pressing the clothing items.

Are there any risks or concerns involved with opening the school store?

There are concerns that our inventory won’t sell, which is normal because it’s always a risk in business.

What are you most excited for?

I’m most excited for two things. First, seeing the students actually experiencing business come to life and be created whilst allowing them to have the experience in working a real store in which they may otherwise not have the opportunity to do. Second, creating and making their own merchandise.

How do you figure out which item would be high in-demand?

We’ve done a lot of research. We’ve done focus groups with students from Abington High School, surveys (emails sent out), visited colleges and local high schools asking them what sells and doesn’t sell. Talked to other businesses that sell similar items to get an idea.

What kind of products do you plan on selling?

Mostly Green Wave apparel, and some other smaller items as well to try to make it affordable for every student.

If you wish to receive updates and learn more about Wave Wear, check out their Twitter @wavewear1 and Instagram @ahswavewear.