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Film Club at Abington High Offers a Creative Outlet


Life Touch, 2019 Yearbook Club Photo

Members of Film Club 2018-2019 are senior Jonathan Aiello, junior Matt Lyons, junior Adian LaBillois, senoir Erielle Amboy and senior Shawna Phillips. Standing in the rear, left to right, are the advisor Ms. Michelle Poirier, senior Cam Curney, junior Derek Tirrell, senior Emily Christian, senior Erin McDermott, senior Haley Cooper, and senior Meagan McCadden.

Abington High School Film Club is an after-school club advised by Ms. Michelle Poirier. Members meet every month to share and discuss film projects made by members of the club. Every month, a new topic or challenge is given to the members. For instance, members have been assigned themes like documentary, sci-fi, musical, and more.

This year some of the upcoming topics in Film Club are Positivity PSA, a 60 Second Documentary, and Silent Film. The Film Club is a creative outlet for students to be heard in new and different ways. 

Ms. Poirier started Film Club because a student at AHS wanted to make movies. She said the Club “was small at first, but it has gained more members.”

Students can work together and even if they don’t like to act, they can still script, edit, or even make music”

— Ms. Poirier

Junior Matt Lyons, one of the two hosts of the Weekly Wave, joined Film Club because Lyons always loved film and TV. “I jumped at the opportunity to make my own,” said Lyons.

Senior Cam Curney, the host of the Friday morning show “Coffee with Cam” said he joined film club because “I wanted to make movies with my friend Johnathan [Aiello].” Curney credits Quentin Tarantino for much of his inspiration. 

Senior Emily Christian joined Film Club because she was just interested in film.  

When asked about their favorite part of film club, each had a different response. Ms. Poirier credited the way students “take risks and put themselves out there.”  Lyons said, My favorite part of film club is making movies and the entire process of doing it.” Curney’s favorite part is “making stories and telling them through film.” Christian said her favorite part of film club “is creating movies because it is fun.”

Mrs. Poirier hopes other people  join Film Club. “Students can work together and even if they don’t like to act, they can still script, edit, or even make music. There are many ways to take part in making a movie.”

Lyons also encourages others to join. He said they should join film club because “it’s very fun and it gives students a platform to say what they want, using a media that is typically unavailable at school [in classes].”

Curney and Christian mentioned the social aspect of the Club. Curney said, “It helps you get out there,” while Christian said students “can make new friends and explore a new style of art.”

If you are interested in joining the Film Club, gto room 2207 on Thursday, November 7 at 2:00 for the next meeting. See you there!

[Note: the writer of this article junior Derek Tirrell is a member of the Film Club as well as a Green Wave Gazette reporter]

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