Cleaning for a Cause 

Car Wash Is a Success for Music Department’s Fundraiser


Amaya Turner

On Saturday, Sept. 27, 2019, Abington High School music students washed cars at Bailey’s Garage on Orange St. in Abington to raise funds for their upcoming music trip to NYC in the spring.

Amaya Turner and Kyla Perez

On Saturday morning, September 27, the Abington High School Music Program was fundraising to support their trip to New York by hosting a car wash at Bailey’s Garage. Washing a lot of cars and charging $10 per car, they earned a lot of money (and a lot of tips!)  

The New York City trip will take place between May 1 and 4, 2020. Mr. Shannon, Abington High School Director of Music and Drama Advisor, plans on taking students to multiple arts-related events, such as visiting the New York Museum of Modern Art.

I enjoyed being able fundraise for my trip while still talking and having fun with my friends.

— Ava Bickford

Students in the Music Program are excited about what is to come. Freshman Ava Bickford said, “As far as the New York trip, I’m looking forward to Beetlejuice and being able to hang out with everyone outside of school.”

As a special treat, the group is seeing Broadway’s Beetlejuice, a musical adaptation of the film released in 1988 starring Winona Ryder and Michael Keaton. Currently, the original Broadway Cast of Beetlejuice has the talented, young Sophia Anne Caruso as Lydia Deetz and Alex Brightman as the witty Beetlejuice. 

Freshman Ike Faria said, “The thing I most look forward to in New York is just being there with my friends in a new setting.”

At the car wash, members of the music program were promoting their mini business by holding up signs that read “Car Wash” and had images of musical notes and the Statue of Liberty to lure cars into Bailey’s. Parents of the music program helped out by collecting the money, while the students washed the cars. Customers gave tips, including a very generous $20 tip.

Bickford said, “The car wash was fun. I enjoyed being able fundraise for my trip while still talking and having fun with my friends.”

Mr. Shannon said this year’s car wash was a success, thanks to the “big afternoon rush” and that he thought they”hit our mark.” Bailey’s Garage hosts many car washes every year. The Abington High School Music Program has been holding the car wash fund-raiser since 1987. Mr. Shannon said, “We appreciate his [Mr. Bailey’s] generosity.” 

The music students look forward to their exciting New York trip in the spring, a longstanding tradition