The Green Wave Gazette’s Top Stories for 2018-2019

Wrapping Up with a Little Data


Ms. Pflaumer, Newspaper Advisor

Abington’s Green Wave Gazette was awarded five badges from SNO for the 2018-2019 school year.

Patricia Pflaumer, Advisor

Using Google Analytics and SumAll, the following information has been gleaned.

Articles and Writers

This year 192 articles were published between Sept. 1 and June 3, a record number. The newspaper featured about 80 writers from grades 9-12. The amount of topics and student voices were impressive!


Between Sept. 1 to June 3 the number of users was up to 13,017. In 16-17 it was 7,486 and last year in 17-18 it grew to 9,717. But this year’s number almost doubled that of two years ago. The largest growth of followers was on Facebook, where the number of users doubled. Twitter also grew by over a hundred users and two new social media platforms were added by the club members: Instagram and YouTube. Due to these increases in social media followings, the amount of users (those reading the online articles) grew.


Not only did the number of articles, writers, and audience grow, but the number of individual sessions did as well. This year the sessions were up to 23,829. In 2016-2017, there were 11,264 sessions and last year in 2017-2018 there were 17,653 unique sessions. So in two years, the number of sessions has doubled. “In technical terms, sessions give you an exact estimate of the number of times visitors opened your website and have carried out transactions/activities” according to Digitize Smartly.

Page Views

The number of page views this year was down slightly to 60,276. It was 31,395 in 16-17 and 74,437 in 17-18. Because the number of audience members and sessions are up, it is reasonable to conclude that last year’s articles were often reread by the same user. A page view is how many times the page is viewed, so it one person views the same article more than once, it is counted as two page views, according to Google Analytics.

Behind the Scenes

This year, several new staff members joined, A new feature was added: the Weekly Wave. This has been a great addition. In the first semester, another new feature was added when Lydia Vidal tried her hand with infographics. And photojournalist Erielle Amboy created a section “Erielle’s Photo Feature”. It was great to see students experiment with media.

Two seniors left the Green Wave Gazette this year: Allison MacLeod and Ayman Elhannawi. Allie Mac was on staff for four years. This year she became the Editor-in-Chief. She was phenomenally good at editing and her skills will be terribly missed. Allie was the “go to” person for any questions about AP style or grammar; she was one of the reasons the articles published were always well polished. She was a wonderful leader and role model to the new members as well. Ayman Elhannawi joined this year. He brought a unique perspective to the paper. It was wonderful working with both of them.

Pullquote Photo

When the contest closed on April 30, the Green Wave Gazette ranked 57th out of 226 schools who received badges and awards this year. (Ms. Pflaumer, third from right, standing with members of the AHS English Department at the start of the 2018-2019 school year).

— Ms. Patricia Pflaumer

Badges and Awards

The School Newspaper Organization (SNO) awarded five badges to the Green Wave Gazette. A record for the Green Wave Gazette! The badges were for Site Excellence; Continuous Coverage; Story Page Excellence; Audience Engagement, and Writing Excellence. The latter badge is given to specific journalists. If a newspaper has three or more award winning articles, they get the badge. The Gazette had four award winning articles this year:  sophomore staff members Lily Bonner, James Mulkern, and Emily Coulsey, as well as freshman contributor Amanda Murphy. When the contest closed on April 30, the Green Wave Gazette ranked 57th out of 226 schools who received badges and awards this year. Abington’s Green Wave Gazette ranked 3rd among MA schools who use the SNO platform.

Top Ranked Articles

Although over 100 stories had 100 or more views this year, this list shows only the top 25.  Whether you are reading them for the first time or visiting them again, enjoy! And, congratulations to the student writers!

Rank Story Writer Position Views
1 From AHS to the NBC Emmys Cam Curney Managing Editor 1067
2 Make a Change Leticia Meneghetti Staff Writer 956
3 Every Day Is a Battle to Breathe Amanda Murphy Contributor 912
4 Last Day of High School for the Class of 2019 Staff Staff 555
5 A Night with Gatsby Alison Santosuosso Staff Writer 541
6  Quick Action Keeps Students Safe Alison Santosuosso Staff Writer 490
7 Rising Artist Dua Lipa takes the Industry by Storm  Morgan MacNeil-Berry Staff Writer (this was written last year and still trends) 388
8 Patriots Fans Hope for Another Championship Justin Murphy Contributor 366
9 What’s Irish Dancing? Daniel Murtagh Contributor 351
10 Hundreds Gather Together to Run Erielle Amboy and Alison Santosuosso Photojournalist and Staff Writer 337
11 Bryson Andrews Will Leave a Legacy Jack Clifford Staff Writer 336
12 Why “The Laramie Project” is More Important Than Ever Allison MacLeod Editor-in-Chief 335
13  How Abington High Subdues Stress James Mulkern Staff Writer 324
14 Bryson Andrews Hits 1,000 Points Christian Labossier Contributor 310
15  Tolerance, Diversity, and Understanding Staff Staff Writer 305
16 Grease is the Word Allison MacLeod Editor-in-Chief 299
17  Passion for Dance Mia Scarpelli Contributor 294
18 AHS Grand March and Junior Class Prom: 2018 Allison MacLeod Editor-in-Chief (this was written last year but still trends) 294
19 Self-Defense Turns into Championships Michael VanLuling Contributor 291
20  Jordyn Needle Verbally Commits to Bentley University Emily Cousley Staff Writer 289
21 The Weekly Wave: Episode 1 Matt Lyons and Aaron Johnson Digital Team 287
22 Painting Joy for Children James Mulkern Staff Writer 285
23  Who Says Caf Food Can’t Taste Good? Abby Joyce Editor 282
24 Helping Pets Hurt in the Camp Fire Lily Bonner Staff Writer 280
25 Jackie Earner: A Freshman to Watch Ava Stark Contributor 272


It should also be noted that the top story in the history of the Green Wave Gazette on the SNO platform is by current junior Kristen White about Samantha Theodore (AHS Class of 2011) and the charity in her honor called “Make Every Day a Sammi Kinda Day.” The article has had 3.043 views since its publication in May of 2017.

That’s All for Now…Thank You

As the advisor of the Green Wave Gazette, I want to thank the student staff who did a fabulous job. They not only devoted time to weekly meetings, but also did their best to cover a variety of stories. They are a kind and hardworking crew and I enjoyed working with them.

I want to also thank all the student contributors, many for their Students Write to Be Heard Project, but a good amount who wrote simply because they had something to say and wanted an audience. That is really impressive. The newspaper staff did an outstanding job providing a place where many voices could be heard.

In addition to the writers, I also want to thank those who agreed to interviews. Many of the stories would not exist otherwise. It was great to read about alumni and members of the Abington community.

Also, thank you to Justin Shannahan and CAM who have supported The Weekly Wave. And Mr. Schafer for the mugs and Dr. Sullivan for the name plates.

Having an authentic audience is much better than a student writing for just one teacher. So thank you, audience, for reading the paper! If you went the extra step to comment on a story, like it or share it on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram (shout out to Abington High, Abington Athletics, Dr. G., Abington Music, teachers in and outside of the high school, community members, parents, and many others), thank you for giving the students encouragement and a larger audience.

6/3/19 edits made and clarifying information as well as links about analytics were added