Spotlight on Student-Athlete Lauren Nelligan

Nelligan Leaves Softball for Track and Meets with Success


Bill Marquardt, with permission

Abington High School seniors Lauren Nelligan, Madison O’Connell, Jessica Brundage, AbbyJayne Cristoforo, Katie Mirando, Megan Reid, Hannah Kearney, Coach Matt Campbell

Jocelyn Mounce, Contributor

Lauren Nelligan, a senior at Abington High school, really enjoys track and field. This is Nelligan’s first year of doing track, a sport that has been around for hundreds of years, since 776 BC to be exact. Track and Field was a sport included in the Olympic games of ancient Greece over 10 centuries ago, but many people of all ages and genders still enjoy the sport today. At Abington, this sport is growing in popularity.

Nelligan said that she had wanted to sign up for Track, but since she has been playing softball in the spring, she has never gotten the chance. “I was so excited to be a part of the first winter track team,” said Nelligan. There were many hard working runners and Nelligan had a lot of fun competing with them this season. She was “surprised to be recognized” as an Enterprise All Scholastic for her winter track season, as well as “humbled and honored,” Nelligan said. 

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Setting goals for yourself and working hard to achieve these goals is extremely important, athletically and academically.

— Lauren Nelligan

Nelligan joined track and field because she loves to run and challenge herself by trying new things. Lauren stated that winter track was such “a positive and fun experience” for her that she decided to end her senior year by joining the spring track team instead of playing another year of softball. Nelligan believes that “setting goals for yourself and working hard to achieve these goals is extremely important, athletically and academically.”

There are other seniors on track and field, and Nelligan said that “I have really enjoyed being on the track team with my classmates.” She says that at practices and meets, “Everyone works as a team and encourages one another. The environment of the track team is very supportive and fun.

Her hopes for this track season are that “everyone on the track and field team each meets the goals that they’ve set for themselves.” She added, “I also hope to be a positive role model for the underclassmen.” 

Nelligan, who is in the top 1% of her class, plans to study biology at Boston College this fall. We wish Lauren all the best now and in the future! Go Eagles!