Come Attend Abington’s Academic Art Shows

Festivals and Displays in March and May

This self portrait drawing titled Artist’s Vision was created by an Abington Middle School student, in grade 8, Alexis Mitsiopoulos for the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards 2018-2019.

The Abington Art and Music Departments will host an Arts Festival on Wednesday, May 8. This festival is free and available to everyone, not just students and parents. It is the first time the Abington Art and Music Departments have held an event of this scale.

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We wanted to do a bigger art show where every student that goes through Abington schools who wants their work displayed can.

— Mr. DiRado

In past years, the artwork has been displayed at the Abington Public Library; however, this year there is not enough space because of the amount of artwork. It has therefore been divided up into separate events.

In March, which is Youth Art Month, there will be art shows for the elementary schools at the library. The Beaver Brook Elementary School will host their art show from March 1 – 18. The Woodsdale School students’ work will be on display from March 18 – 31. Every single student who attends those schools will have art displayed at the library.

In addition to an art show, the elementary schools will each host a family night when the students, their families and other members of the community will have the opportunity to come to the library to celebrate the art show. The Beaver Brook will host their family reception on March 7, and Woodsdale will have theirs on March 28. Students will also receive ribbons for participating in the art show, and refreshments will be served. 

Not only at the elementary schools, but also at the Abington Middle School, every student will have their art on display in the middle school cafeteria. Additionally, every Abington High School student that has taken an art class will also have an opportunity to have their work displayed in the high school cafeteria, if they choose. 

One of the purposes of this festival is to celebrate the artistic achievements of Abington. It will also be a fundraiser. Middle school students’ artwork will be framed, and families will have the opportunity to buy the frame for their students’ work. If parents would rather not buy the frame, the student’s artwork will be returned without the frame. The money made from this fundraiser will be used for art department initiatives like scholarships and fundraisers. 

The Arts Festival will also include music. In an interview with Mr. Dirado, Director of the Art Department, he stated, “We are hoping that the night after the art show is over, that the open mics that we usually have will be that day too.” The Film Festival will be taking place the same day to celebrate not only the visual arts but also the Film Club, Animation class and Music. 

When asked if this has been done before, Mr. Dirado said, “The art department has always had an art show, but it did not include work from everybody in the district, and we wanted to do a bigger art show where every student that goes through Abington schools who wants their work displayed can.” 

When asked what he is most excited about, Mr. Dirado said, “I’m excited that we are going to get to see so much artwork on display… This is the first annual, and we’re hoping it will continue to grow and get bigger and bigger, and maybe in the future we will be able to do a kindergarten all the way to grade twelve arts festival all in one place.” 


❖ Emily Christian – Silver Key in Film

❖ Haley Cooper – Silver Key in Photography

❖ Julia Do – Two Gold Keys in Digital Art, Gold Key in Painting, Gold Key in Mixed Media, Silver Key in Drawing, Honorable Mention in Digital Art and Honorable Mention in Painting

❖ Abi Edwards – Honorable Mention in Painting and Digital Art

❖ Hailee McClafferty – Honorable Mention in Mixed Media

❖ Elizabeth Venuti – Honorable Mention in Photography

❖ Lidia Vidal – Silver Key in Drawing and Honorable Mention in Illustration