DelVal U: Experiential Learning

The Former National Farm School Offers “Science with Practice”

Carly Goldberg, Contributor

Just 7 hours south of Boston, Delaware Valley University is filled with opportunities. Delaware Valley University, also known as DelVal, is in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. With three schools to choose from–the School of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences; the School of Businesses and Humanities; and lastly the School of Life Physical Science–most students can find something they like here. They offer associates, undergrad, and graduate degrees.

Delaware Valley University Published on Jul 8, 2015

The campus is on the smaller side, with only 1,400 undergrads. Although the campus is small, it doesn’t seem that way. With more than 1,000 acres, the campus is well spread out.  On campus, DelVal has its own market place, where you are able to get fresh produce from the farm. During my visit at least three people told me that the ice cream is amazing, since it is homemade.

On Friday, Jan. 25, I visited the college. My tour guide Alexa, a sophomore from PA studying Wildlife Management, was knowledgeable, upbeat, and excited to talk about the school. When speaking about the classes, she told me that the student to teacher ratio was 15:1. Regarding class size, she said that “the biggest class I had was a bio class, which had about 60 people in it.” Therefore, even the largest class isn’t that big. If you are looking for a school with smaller class sizes, DelVal maybe be a good fit for you.

Beyond the classrooms the school also has an active farm on campus, with animals varying from large beef cattle to small honey bees and everything in between. Although students aren’t allowed to pet these animals, DelVal makes up for that by allowing each student to have either a small fish tank or a caged animal like a Guinea pig, hamster, lizard, bunny, etc.However, pet dogs and cats are not allowed unless considered a service animal.

All full-time freshmen must live on campus. And like several colleges, freshman are not allowed cars on campus. However, the college provides a shuttle bus, along with a train, that will bring you into town. The town is full of shops and activities. As far as food goes, Doylestown has an abundance of options. There are restaurants that offer pasta, pizza, sushi, steak, burgers, salads and more. In town you will also find the Doylestown shopping center, where you’re able to find pretty much anything that you need.  

There are over 70 clubs and organizations on campus that you can join and be a part of. DelVal is Division III when competing in sports. The University has 22 intercollegiate teams, with common sports like football, soccer, lacrosse, and cheerleading, to less common ones like equestrian, fencing, and many more. 

As for clubs and organizations DelVal offers Animal Life Line Club, Archery Club, Dance Team Member, Food Club, Outdoor Club, and many more. The see what else DelVal has to offer, check out the website here

Overall, Delaware Valley University was a very clean and what I felt was an upbeat environment. I would recommend this school to somebody who is looking for a smaller, rural setting, but still wants the feel of a large University.