Teachers Armed with Red Pens

Or Should Teachers Be Armed with Guns?


Vincenzo Mainardi, Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Teachers and Children in a Classroom

Andrew Vasquez, Staff Writer

According to a recent Green Wave Gazette poll, students at Abington High School do not think teachers should be armed. After all, isn’t stopping gun violence with guns counter-intuitive? This topic began due to the Parkland shooting that happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Feb 14.

Should teachers be armed in school?

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Gun violence is not decreasing by itself; therefore, it is clear action must be taken. Guns do have positive aspects in society. Not all guns are used for killing animals or people, some are used for fun. For instance, in sportsmen competitions like skeet shooting. In addition, guns also bare protection and are necessary in instances such as war.

However, guns should not be in a school environment.  

Teachers should not need to oversee who dies.”

— Andrew Vasquez

First of all, teachers did not go to college to become a soldier, they went to become a teacher.  

Also, students may be opposed to armed teachers because they think their teacher could shoot them, accidentally or on purpose. This could happen in a heated moment or pulling the trigger out of fear before finding out who is behind the door. It is not an unrealistic concern.

Although, some people believe arming teachers would give schools a way to fight back against shooters, giving teachers guns would be giving them power over their students. If teachers are given guns, students will fear the teachers and fear going to school.  

Third, there are some horrible people in the world. These sick people enjoy killing other people. Racist, homophobic, sexist, and many other discriminatory people will kill no matter the attempts to protect people. Who is to say these people can’t be teachers? 

Finally, buildings have been armed to the brim with cops and weapons and people still attack them. Police officers have been the first people shot or killed at a dangerous scene. No amount of weapons will stop people who need help. Killers love the fame they get, and the infamous legacy left behind after their death.  

Teachers should not be armed. Teachers should not need to oversee who dies.