Potential to Be an All-Star

An interview with freshman Matt Maguire 


Mark Cashman

Matt Maguire at the Abington High School Weight Room

Mark Cashman, Contributor

Matt Maguire (Class of 2021) is an up and coming basketball player at Abington High School. Standing at 6′ 2″, Maguire uses ball skills and hard work to get the job done for his team. 

Maguire’s perseverance on and off the court visibly translates to his game. Many days after school you can find Maguire in the weight room. His strength can be seen on the court, grabbing many rebounds.  

This winter, Maguire completed his first season of varsity basketball. Already stunning the crowd with a game winning shot against Archbishop Williams and multiple performances with 10+ points, Maguire has the potential to become an all-star.  

I want to play at a Division 1 college.

— Matt Maguire

Maguire has been playing basketball since he was five years old. He would play in the Abington Youth Basketball Association (AYBA) down at the Early Childhood Center, as many Abington children do.  

During the off season, Maguire still works hard, preparing for the upcoming basketball season. He has received multiple invites to basketball camps and Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) teams all around the South Shore. 

Maguire has played in more competitive AAU leagues. He currently plays AAU ball in the Rise Above program which is out of Quincy, MA. The Rise Above program is home to many skilled basketball players. The pace is fast and the competition is high, which is exactly the way Maguire plays.

Besides basketball, Maguire also plays football as a quarterback. He started the most recent season as wide receiver but made the switch to quarterback and adapted instantly.   

Maguire is locked in. Regarding his goal for his basketball career, he said, “I want to play at a Division 1 college. It would be nice to make the tournament too.” With big dreams, he has the skill and perseverance to achieve this goal. 

When asked who his favorite NBA player is, Maguire said, “I like watching Kyrie Irving, he is a very good ball player.” Watching Maguire play, you can see him craft his game like one of Irving’s, with his quick ball skills and accurate shots. 

Maguire is catching the eyes of the people around him and he plans to execute the goals he has set for himself. So, keep a keen eye out for this freshman because he seems to have the potential to play Division 1 basketball.