AHS Grand March and Junior Class Prom: 2018

Against Friday’s falling snow, many students sparkled

Maddie Hagan, Hailey Holmes, Kristyanna Remillard, Jane Clark, and Emily Duchaney

Allison MacLeod, Associate Editor

The Abington High School Grand March and Junior Prom was held on Friday, April 6. The evening began at 4 PM with the Grand March in the new auditorium. Students entered through the rear door and proceeded to the stage, which was decorated in black and gold.

Police escorts headed a caravan of Coach buses as the students left the AHS parking lot. Check it out on the @AbingtonHigh Twitter page.

Students then gathered in the middle school cafeteria for pictures with family and friends before heading to The South Shore Country Club in Hingham where the prom was held. Dinner options included chicken parmesan and beef top round with chocolate mousse for dessert. Students danced all night while the DJ played current music as well as an occasional Spanish song!

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