New Classes: Get Fit for Life!

New Wellness and Physical Education Classes for the 2018-2019 School Year


Bill Marquardt, used with permission

The mural hanging in the new weight room at the co-located middle/high school highlights Abington Pride.

Abby Joyce, Staff Writer

For the coming 2018-2019 school year, Abington High School will be offering many new physical education and wellness classes, such as Lifelong Fitness, Competitive Games, Get Fit, Crossfit, Human Sexuality, Life 101, and Mind/Body/Spirit.

With these new classes, students of all athletic abilities can enjoy physical education at their own level and pace, while still receiving information about health and fitness.

Assistant Athletic Director Mrs. Casey, who is also a teacher and coach, believes these offerings  will “cater to the needs and the wants of the students.” She “thinks the availability for them to try them out [the different offerings] during the school day with no cost helps out a lot.”

Casey also hopes that people get rid of  the idea it is “just gym” and “find these classes more enjoyable.” Her goal for students “is to develop lifelong learners of fitness.” And not just for gym class. She hopes that students “find a love for something, and if that something is walking thirty minutes a day, then that’s better than 65% of our population that doesn’t even exercise for thirty minutes.”

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Casey also hopes that people get rid of the idea it is ‘just gym’ and ‘find these classes more enjoyable.’

— Abby Joyce

Through these new activities, Casey also hopes kids “are able to do them and they can get the social piece out of them, and the can hopefully continue them after they leave Abington High School.”

Casey says that Mind/Body/Spirit, one of the new classes offered,  is “a combo Health/PE class that will work on a person’s emotional, mental, social and physical health. They [students] will work on deep breathing techniques, muscle relaxation, mindfulness and yoga. Some days they will be in the classroom and other days they will be in working out and being active.”

Casey also adds that the new Crossfit class “is adapted from the Crossfit program that is used all over the world. It is a high intensity cardiovascular and strength and conditioning class that focuses on metabolic conditioning.”

So, students, get ready for these new classes that offer you physical and social activity at your own level and for your best enjoyment. And if Ms. Casey gets her wish, you will carry out these wellness skills even after high school.

[Previous omission: Ms. Kate Casey is also the district’s Wellness Director]