Dunkin’ Donuts… Minus the Donuts

DD tries taking “Donuts” out of name


Victor Grigas, via Wikimedia Commons

The original Dunkin’ Donuts location in Quincy, Mass.

Arianna Akusis, Staff Writer

The company responsible for the misspelling of “doughnuts” is playing with words once again.

Dunkin’ Donuts is a well known brand across the country and particularly in New England. It began in Quincy, Mass. selling doughnuts and coffee– hence the name. But with the opening of a new location in the hometown of Quincy, there may be a widespread change in store. The new location, simply titled Dunkin’, has sparked a bit of a conversation, but nothing is really changing yet. The only thing that seems to be suggesting a change is the name, not the signature pastries and coffees.

Why?! Why would they get rid of the Donuts?! It doesn’t make any sense!”

— Nick Graf

This change is no surprise, however. For years the company has been advertising their slogan “America Runs on Dunkin'” so the shortened Dunkin’ has been circulating. This slow and oncoming transition would seem minor at first glance, but not according to student Nick Graf (’21): “Why?! Why would they get rid of the Donuts?! It doesn’t make any sense! The company’s name is literally Dunkin’ Donuts! It’s in the name!”

Clearly, some people are not too fond of the possible changes to the company’s name. Many others were surveyed, but overall, most acted in the same way Andrew Kulikowski (’18) did: “The lifestyle of Massachusetts dictates the knowledge that Dunkin’ Donuts is called Dunkin’ Donuts, and it is from that knowledge that we derive satisfaction in calling it the colloquial Dunkin’. To undermine this tradition by renaming it Dunkin’ is a travesty, and I denounce it strongly.”

What do you think about the name change?