Abington High’s Holiday Helpers

Guidance Collects an Abundance of Gifts for Struggling Families


Allison Dennehy

Mrs. Kristin Ferioli with gifts faculty, staff and clubs donated

Allison Dennehy, Associate Editor

For the past six years, Kristin Ferioli, Director of Abington High School’s Guidance Department, has sponsored the Holiday Sharing Program. The program is run by the Department of Children and Families (DCF) Plymouth Office. The Sharing Program provides families that are struggling financially with a way to provide gifts for their children on Christmas.

DCF provides the sponsors like AHS with a list of hobbies and interests that the children have, making sure the gifts given are tailored to each child. Once Ms. Ferioli posts the lists with the children’s names, teachers and clubs choose children to sponsor.

This year, along with teachers, administrators, and staff, The Green Wave Gazette (GWG), Student Athletic Advisory Council (SAAC), Gay Straight Alliance (GSA), and Peer Leaders participated.