Trucchi’s: A Familiar Face for Abington

Looking for a place to work in town?


Allison Dennehy

Trucchi’s in Abington is has employeed many Abington High School Students over the years.

Yani Soares, Staff Writer

ABINGTON – An understanding of common workplace operation is an important topic in the minds of juniors and seniors. While a high school student, many juniors and seniors may want a consistent, steady flow of income during or after the school year, and such a service could be provided by Trucchi’s, a small family-owned chain in the South Shore area.

The manager of this location is Kenneth Coyle, who helped with setting up the Abington location.

“Working at Trucchi’s would be a good first job, and a good way to learn about dividing time between education and responsibility.”

— Mr. Kenneth Coyle

Mr. Coyle began his work at Trucchi’s as a bagger. By going to college and acquiring a business degree, he had the chance to become manager of the store over the course of multiple years.

As the manager, Mr. Coyle works 50 hours a week. Regular employees, however, work 40 hours a week. These employees who perform bagging and checkout are paid eleven dollars an hour, which is usually more than enough for most young adults who have left or are soon to leave school.

Mr. Coyle said that working at Trucchi’s would be a good first job, and a good way to learn about dividing time between education and responsibility. Beginning workers start with basic customer service, and later move on to jobs of higher importance. The hours at this location are also very flexible, which would be helpful for students hoping to work after school as well as perform after school activities. Someone working here would be able to function efficiently by being friendly, alert, and prepared.

This location is close to home, making it easy to drive to, and the hours are flexible. One employee said that anyone working at Trucchi’s should “Play your part.”

Trucchi’s would be a great place to work if you are searching for a simple job after school, have a busy schedule, and want to be a useful member of the Trucchi’s family.