Nine Holes with Captain Joe Marella

Golf Team Drives Through Adversity

Seniors Michael Donaher, Lindsay Ryan and Captain Joe Marella

GWG Staff

Seniors Michael Donaher, Lindsay Ryan and Captain Joe Marella

For those of you who don’t understand golf, it is fairly simple. Get the ball in the hole in fewer shots than your opponent. After 9 or 18 holes (high school matches are nine holes), the player with the lower score, and the fewer amount of shots, wins. Joe Marella is the captain of the golf team this year. We sat down to ask him some questions about his sport.

How long have you been golfing?

(I’ve been golfing) seriously since I was 12, but I used to mess around on the range with my friends when I was younger.

Is it safe to say you enjoy golf?


What are your favorite courses?

Eastward Ho in Chatham or Cranberry Valley in Harwich. They are both beautiful and challenging.

How did the team do last year and how did you do individually?

We went 10-6 and made the tournament. I played the four spot and did alright, but there is always room for improvement.

What were your expectations going into this season?

Well, we lost three seniors and two kids from our top eight (who) decided to play football instead. I knew we were losing kids, but I still have hope and so should the team.

What is your main role as captain?

I lead by example, on and off the course, in the classroom and in my attitude towards the sport.

Do you think you will make the MIAA tournament?

Yes. I am confident and have faith in my team. We have the ability to win, but it is up to us.

Is your golf swing affected by your baseball and hockey swing.

Both affect my swing, so I always have to practice and work to keep my swing down, especially because I play a lot of hockey this time of year to prep for the winter.

We wish the best of luck to Senior Joe Marella and the rest of the golf team.

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