A Good Year for the Green Wave Gazette

The Green Wave Gazette Staff 2014/2015


The Green Wave Gazette Staff 2014/2015

As the school year ends, we thought it would be a good time to reflect on the past year of Green Wave Gazette accomplishments.

Below are the top 40 stories by page views and their authors for 2014/2015. School and community news stories led the way, with a smattering of entertainment and social issue stories getting some attention.

With the help of social media, especially the “Everything Weymouth” Facebook page, Kristina Sullivan’s story about her job at Dunkin Donuts topped the list. Other stories drew hits from our Twitter presence, and reposts at the “Life in Abington,” “Green Wave Boosters” and other relevant group pages on Facebook.  Slideshows did really well, with six spots in the top 40. Alyssa Devlin’s opinion piece “Too Much Focus On Grades” and Ashling Geary’s review of “Newsies” on Broadway continued to receive consistent attention even though they were published during the previous school year.

We published 113 stories, and 47 of them were written by non-staff contributors, most (46) written by students participating in Ms. Pflaumer’s Students Write to be Heard (SWB2H) program, where students earn grades for having their work published.

Two stories, Kim Phan’s interview with Jilliane Mortimer about her efforts to highlight Women’s History Month and Jilliane’s review of Ed Sheeran’s concert at the Xfinity Center were recognized by School News On-line (SNO) and included in their Best of SNO publication. The Green Wave Gazette was also awarded the Badge for Site Excellence by SNO. Associate Editors Kim Phan and Ian MacLeod were recognized at student award ceremonies for their tireless efforts to produce this newspaper.

Our new glossy print version and the presence of this webpage could not happen without the major support of the Abington Education Foundation and Abington Bank, and our advertisers Bemis Drug, Independence Insurance, Three Generations Travel, Colorful Wallets and Attorney  R. Andrew Burbine. We thank them very much for their support.

When compared to last year’s numbers, the number of readers increased by 25% (from 5,160 to 6,358), and the total number of page views (includes repeat views and multiple page views for one viewer) increased by 24% (from 18,900 to 23,100). We are very happy with that and hope to do even better in the future. We hope you enjoyed reading the Green Wave Gazette this year and hope to see you next year!


Article Writer Page Views
1.     Dunkin Donuts: the Go To Place for Coffee and Work Kristina Sullivan 693
2.     Pep Rally Slide Show Slideshow 457
3.     Last Call for a Loss for Words Jilliane Mortimer 333
4.     Mia Regazza: A Special Place to Work and Eat Kailey Campbell 331
5.     The Marble Collection Jessica Meegan 285
6.     Green Wave Wins the Super Bowl Slideshow 280
7.     Women’s History Month Kim Phan 238
8.     The Class of 2015 Graduates Slideshow 233
9.     “The Addams Family” preview Ian MacLeod 223
10.  Abington: A Chance to Show Respect for a fallen hero Kayleigh Varney 213
11.  The Common Core Aaron Christian 206
12.  Morse Brothers: Dynamic Hockey Duo Eva McCormick 204
13.  Student Athlete Advisory Council/Molly Ferguson Megan Kelly 194
14.  Tank Tops, Short Shorts, Yoga Pants, Oh my! Nicole Bradbury 192
15.  Spring Sports Picture Day Slideshow 182
16.  Dance! Dance! Dance! Caroline Bradbury 180
17.  Too Much Focus on Grades Alyssa Devlin 178
18.  How to Prom-pose Nicole Bradbury 175
19.  The Lion’s Club Emily Akers 171
20.  Happiness: It’s the Small Things That Count Carolyn Bunszell 159
21.  Unsung Hero: Taylor Johnson Tyler Moulton 153
22.  It’s Not Your Grandmother’s Library Danielle Panico 140
23.  Ms. Pietrasik Allison Dennehy 125
24.  Make Way for a New School Caitlin Walton 118
25.  Green Wave Hockey Caroline Martell 117
26.  Frolio Open Mic I Slideshow 112
27.  Badminton Blast Slideshow 111
28.  The Dress Katarina Callanan 108
29.  Fall Student life Slideshow 107
30.  The Winter of our Discontent Alyssa Gendreau 103
31.  The Real Burden in the Backpacks Emily Akers 102
32.  Eric Church Review Samantha Foley 99
33.  Freshman Year: Tough but Worth It Drew Landers 98
34.  Unsung Hero: Alexis Lapointe Kim Phan 98
35.  Teen Driving and Alcohol Don’t Mix Olivia Maly 91
36.  Unsung Hero: Leah Alessi Kim Phan 82
37.  European Adventure 2015 Matthew Burbine 82
38.  “Newsies” on Broadway Ashling Geary 75
39.  The Improvables Susan Mullen 75
40.  Kalin and Myles Alize Ball 75
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