All Time Low Connects

with satisfying Tsongas Arena performance

Christina Walton, Contributor

All Time Low started out as a high school cover band in 2003, and is now a popular alternative pop punk band with six full length albums. The band consists of Alex Gaskarth as lead vocalist, Jack Barakat on guitar, Zack Merrick on bass and Rian Dawson on the drums. On April 15 All Time Low played the first show on their Future Hearts Tour at the Tsongas Center at UMASS Lowell. The tour is named after their newest album which recently topped the iTunes charts in the U.S.

Opening for All Time Low at the show were bands State Champs, Tonight Alive, and Issues. Along with their usual earthy banter and fan interaction, All Time Low played songs from all six of their albums. These songs included “Jasey Rae” from Put Up or Shut Up (2006), “Dear Maria, Count Me In” from So Wrong, It’s Right (2007), “Therapy” from Nothing Personal (2009), “Time Bomb” from Dirty Work (2011), “Missing You” from Future Hearts (2015) and many, many more.

While the majority of songs played were fast and danceable, All Time Low did slow it down for “Therapy” and “Missing You,” both played on an acoustic guitars. I enjoyed hearing these songs live because I felt they added emotion to the show and connected the band to the audience with their deep and inspiring messages. The show concluded with “Dear Maria, Count Me In,”an old All Time Low classic that really shows their punk roots. Overall, I can say I really enjoyed attending this concert. All Time Low puts a lot of heart into their work and make their fans enjoy themselves. They have an amazing stage presence that make you feel like you’ve been friends with them for years, all while playing their songs perfectly live, and onstage.