Girls Lacrosse 2015

Green Wave Gazette

A few pictures taken from the sidelines at various Green Wave girls lacrosse games in 2015.

Coach Kate Casey

Captains Claudia Barrett, Brianna Donovan, Erin Foley and Oivia Maly

Seniors Abby O’Connor, Tana Johnson and Jenna Warsheski

Juniors Kailey Cardinal, Haley Ezzell, Abby Gendreau, Abigail Ricketson

Sophomores Melanie Beaver, Marina Brennan, Maggie Cawley, Molly Donovan, Santina Vanasse, Angela Varney and Paige Young

Freshmen Becca Curran, Courtney McCabe, Molly McCarthy, Aimee Cabral and Hannah Luckman