Open Mic II at Frolio

Live Music and Poetry

Joe Genest and Aaron Christion peform with Two Birds One Stone, at Open Mic II

Frolio Middle School hosted their second open mic of the school year on March 21. Many students, teachers and parents from both the Frolio and AHS attended and participated. Mr. Regalbuto, Mr. Campbell and Mr. Dirado hosted and performed (along with Mr. Blanchette on drums.) Performances included an appearance by the Abington High Marching Band, Two Stones and One Bird, featuring Aaron Christian, Joe Genest and Tim Cordeiro. Jilliane Mortimer, Christina Howe, Leah Alessi, Laurel Blanchard, Corinne Easton, Chloe Tardanico and Mr. Dorman were among the many performers. The teacher band capped off the show with the Beatles’ “Don’t Let Me Down” featuring Mr. Regalbuto on vocals, Mr. Campbell on guitar, Mr. Dirado on guitar and Mr. Blanchette on drums. A combination band featuring Aaron Christian on guitar paid tribute to Led Zeppelin’s “Dazed and Confused.” Overall, it was  very successful and exciting evening that offered a unique opportunity for both schools to display their talents and creativity.