Dynamic Duo

Morse Twins Mean Wins for the Green Wave


Goalie Mike Morse (Laurie Curran – Green Wave Boosters

Eva McCormick, Contributor

Twin brothers, Mike and Jake are seniors for the Green Wave hockey team this season. Jake is a defenseman and Mike is the starting goalie. Abington is lucky to have these same aged sibling seniors on their roster, especially since they didn’t attend AHS as freshmen.

They began their high school careers in Braintree at Archbishop Williams, a well known division one powerhouse. However, Mike switched to AHS as a sophomore and Jake followed as a junior.  Mike recalls things being a bit crowded at the goalie position when he was at Archie’s. “There were five others (to compete for playing time),” said Mike.

We always have each other’s back on and off the ice.”

— Mike Morse

They both say that playing for Abington has been a more enjoyable experience. Now, they get to play with the teammates they had on teams growing up, such as the South Shore Eagles. And, when it comes to hockey, and being brothers, the two have been inseparable, usually playing for the same teams.

We asked them a few questions about what it’s like being brothers and playing in such different (yet critical) positions for the same team:

What is the best part about playing hockey with your brother? 

Mike: Since the beginning, we’ve had great chemistry. We always have each other’s back on and off the ice.

Jake: I’ve always felt like he is there when I make a mistake, and we feed off each other’s energy.

From left, Abington High School's Jacke Morse gives Erin Vasselian, the wife of Daniel, a bouquet of flowers, Karen Vasselian (mom of Daniel), also got flowers. Abington High School hockey team honored United States Marine Sgt. Daniel Vasselian before their hockey game on Saturday, Jan. 10, 2015. The game was against rival Rockland High School.  The Abington High School hockey team wore camouflage jerseys and Danny's brother Joe did the ceremonial puck drop before the game.  Also  Massachusetts state police Sgt. Tim Grant sang the National Anthem.   (Marc Vasconcellos/The Enterprise)
Jake Morse presents Erin Vasselian, with a bouquet of flowers. The team honored her husband, United States Marine Sgt. Daniel Vasselian before a recent game against Rockland. The team wore camouflage jerseys in honor of Sgt. Vasselian who was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2013. Abington won the game 4-2.
(Photo courtesy Marc Vasconcellos/The Enterprise)


Do you compete with each other in practice, and do you enjoy beating or stopping one another?

Mike: Yeah, you know we are always competing, and not just on the ice. When I save all of his garbage shots in practice, I like to treat myself to an extra piece of pie that night.

Jake: Most of the time I try to beat him when shooting in practice. I usually yell at him when he saves it and tell him to make me look good. They admit that sometimes they do argue, but more from motivation than anger. Since they have always played hockey with one another, they have learned to use each other for support both during the game and outside of it while they practice.

What do you think your brother does well as a player?

Mike Morse takes the ice as Bob Morse holds Old Glory above him.   (Photo Courtesy Marc Vasconcellos/The Enterprise)
Mike Morse takes the ice as Bob Morse holds Old Glory above him. (Photo Courtesy Marc Vasconcellos/The Enterprise)

Mike: Jake is a real unsung hero – a silent leader. He’s always grinding and working hard to do his job. He stands up for his team on the ice and treats his teammates like brothers. He has a great work ethic and a passion for success.


Jake: Mike keeps us in every game by making big saves at crucial times.


The brothers Morse are excited for their senior season. Even though the team lost a handful of talented seniors to graduation, many incoming freshmen and transfers give them high expectations for a successful season.