Open Mic Night


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Elizabeth Venuti and Madisen Caferro, Frolio Staff Writers

Poetry. Rap battles. Bands. Singing with your mouth closed. These are all outstanding acts you could find on the night before Halloween 2014- Open Mic Night, wonderfully organized by Mr. Regalbuto, Mr. Campbell, and Mrs. Earle.

This was the  second open mic night in Frolio history, and it was a tremendous success.

Parents, Frolio staff, and tons of students filed in for the amazing show at 6:00pm. The gym was full of Halloween spirit with the spotlight positioned on the wall, watching over the eager crowd. The old piano was jazzed up with lights, pumpkins, and witches. A few people appeared in costume, including history teacher Mr. Campbell, dressed as Abraham Lincoln. Some generous peer leaders also appeared selling homemade treats and water. With everything in place, the lights went completely down, and the microphone turned on.

The Marching Band kicked off the evening with a very popular tune, “The Best Day of My Life” by the American Authors. They were greeted with massive applause, and went on to perform “Everybody Talks.” Their band included not only the classics: trumpet, flute, clarinet, sax, drums, but also some more unusual instruments, such as the piccolo and xylophone… and many many more! They did a fantastic job, and some members even returned for a solo performance.

Some great singers popped up, and there was even a ventriloquist! An ongoing rap battle also materialized throughout the night. A grand piano solo took place. It was nice to see not only Frolio members show up, but also some high schoolers. The band JAM made an appearance, Frolio teachers joined forces for a few songs and guitar, and tons and tons of rappers took the mic together as well.  On top of all that, Mrs. Perruzi’s students made an appearance and sang about nitrogen and looked like they had a blast!

It wasn’t all music, however. After intermission, a few poets came up and presented their careful, heartfelt work. Danielle Panico decided to recite Pi (3.1415926…)  while her friend danced in the background.

Performers describe being nervous at first, but also very excited. After their acts, they felt “on top of the world!” one says. Many artists went up to the mic more than once, receiving lots of clapping and cheering each time.

If you have never attended an open mic night, it is definitely something to consider.

So if you have a knack for poetry, comedy, song, remembering long numbers, or anything you love, please come share it with  the crowd at Open Mic Night!



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