Mr. AHS – A Night to Remember

The men of Abington High strut their stuff


Courtesy of Marc Vasconcellos - The Brockton Enterprise

Brian Curran, Al Freeman, Jason Halpin, Sam Malafronte, Alex Nagle, Brian Nickley, Sean O’Brien, Ed Toomey, Travis Torchetti, and Matt Whalen, during the opening number. The Abington High School Drama department sponsored the Mr. AHS competition.

On Friday May 23, the Frolio Auditorium was bursting with laughter. The brave men of Abington High School put on a show that kept the entire audience entertained and engaged. The men fought for the title in a series of serious battles: talent, formal wear, and the daunting question and answer round.

No time was wasted as the opening number, choreographed by Caroline and Nicole Bradbury, was a hit. Dancing to The Backstreet Boys, the all-white clad contestants showed off their personalities and instantly let the audience know that they were in for a treat.

The talent portion of the evening, where each contestant lived up to the uniqueness, effort, and humor that was promised to be showcased. Some of the evening’s stand out talents were Sam Malafronte’s “Super Bass” lip sync, Brian Nickley and Alex Nagle’s duel for the ‘most sax appeal,’ Sean O’Brien and his band, and Matt Whalen’s tackling demonstration which unfolded into a very well choreographed Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ dance featuring Caroline and Nicole Bradbury. There was a performance or two that seemed to have some hiccups but recoveries were bravely made and the night gloriously continued.

Masters of Ceremony, Riley Morrison and Leighann Healy, carried the audience and contestants from act to act. They kept the audience engaged by seamlessly transitioning with well-timed jokes and informative introductions.

The judges had a deep well of entertainment to fish a winner out of. Asst. Principal Sullivan, Ms. Kinsman, Mr. McGinness, and Mr. Porcello chose to crown Matt Whalen as the reigning Mr. AHS. The event was carried through the evening thanks to the drama club advisor – Mr. Shannon, student coordinator – Susan Mullen, and the stage crew. A night that lived up to its hype, Mr. AHS was a show that will be remembered for a long time.

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