Boys Lax: Hard Work Pays Off

An interview with freshman lacrosse player Will Curtin


Laurie Curran Photo Courtesy Green Wave Boosters

2014 Boys Lacrosse Action

Freshman lacrosse player Will Curtin had a great year playing Abington High School, and he plans on playing again next year as a sophomore. The team had a good year, but unfortunately narrowly missed qualifying for the playoffs.

Who was your coach and how did he do this year?

My coach this year was Coach Nils Djustberg. He is a great coach, and he prepared us well for every game by practicing almost every day after school. We had to run a lot but the results paid off and you could tell because it got easier and easier each day to run sprints and to play in games. My least favorite thing the coach had us do was the days when we would have to go on earlier morning runs and practice right after.

What was it like to start on the varsity team as a freshman?

I didn’t start the first couple of games but I eventually earned my spot as a starter by practicing at home a lot and proving myself in games. The first couple of games I started I was really nervous because the opposing team was almost always bigger than me. On the other hand, it was also very exciting and it was a great learning experience.

What position(s) did you play and which one is your favorite?

I played a lot of LSM (long stick mid-fielder) and some defense. I really enjoy playing both positions but I have to say that my favorite is LSM because it is very physical and that is how I like to play.

Who was your team mentor and why?

Ray Emery was my mentor because he was the most talented defenseman on the team and he taught me many tricks to give me an edge on the field. He was also a great leader and a good role model. He really knows how to get a team hyped up for a big game.

What did you learn this year that you can use to improve upon next year?

I learned that you have to be really physical and you have to keep a clear mind so you can make the right decisions under pressure. I also have to practice my stick handling skills so I can produce more good plays and prevent more turnovers.

Who has the most potential for the upcoming season?

I think Alex Osmanski has the most potential because he really proved himself on the field this season. Alex is already an outstanding defenseman and I think he can only get better from this point on. 

What do you expect in yourself next season?

I expect to be faster and stronger and I intend to practice my stick skills during the offseason. I expect to get a lot more playing time and I want to be seen more as a leader than just another player.





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