Four Years of Memories

Mike Manley and Ryan Mariano

Mike Manley and Ryan Mariano

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Kelly O’Brien– I will miss the teachers who I have formed close relationships with. I’ll miss seeing my friends everyday and being able to know everyone’s name and having the comfort of knowing everyone is supporting me when things go wrong.

Michael Manley– I will miss some of the great teachers in this school who helped make this a fun place to go every now and then. I’ll also miss the people because I’ve enjoyed most of their presences…usually.

Abigail Magnussen– I will definitely miss our athletic program the most. They have helped create memories that I will never forget. I’ve learned things from coaches that have helped me grow as a player and person.

Ryan Mariano– Geese, well, uhh, hmm; I’ll definitely miss my teammates. Being on a team has been one of the best parts of high school. I will miss Green Wave Pride in general. It’s amazing how such a small town can come together during traumatic times. From freshmen to senior year, I have always felt comfortable in these halls.

Kelly O'Brien

Kelly O’Brien

Abigail Magnussen

Abigail Magnussen

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