Unsung Hero: Kelly O’Brien

Kelly O'Brien

Kelly O'Brien

High school pushes you out of your comfort zone, and that helps you realize who the person you want to be is.”

— Kelly O'Brien


Soon we will be saying goodbye to the seniors and there is one in particular that we are very happy to recognize, Kelly O’Brien, the hard working editor of the yearbook.


Kim Phan: What has it been like to be editor of the yearbook?

Kelly O’Brien: Well, it’s over, so that’s amazing. I had to make sure that everything ran smoothly and make sure that there were no mistakes. It was stressful and sometimes it was horrible, but I liked it at the same time. We just have to sell the yearbooks soon.


KP: This year is your senior year, how has it been for you? It’s almost over.

KO: Everyone always says that senior year is the most fun, but I think it’s the most stressful year because you have to get in all those last classes and you have to decide where you’re going to school next year, so it’s stressful, but I’m making the most of it.


KP: What are your plans for next year?

KO: I’m going to college, and I want to major in psychology; I just want to help people.


KP: What has your experience at Abington High School been like?

KO: Well, before I went to high school I think I must have been one of the most awkward people ever, but during high school I started to come out of my shell. High school pushes you out of your comfort zone, and that helps you realize who the person you want to be is.


KP: Who are your favorite teachers and why?

KO: I’m going to have to say Ms. Doherty and Ms. Pflaumer. They always say hi to me in the hallways. Ms. Pflaumer is so dedicated and she’s always been there for me since freshman year. The same (is true) for Ms. Doherty. Her fifth period class freshman year was the first time all day that I felt comfortable; she made me like high school.


KP: One of the staples of “Unsung Hero” has been this pair of questions, so what are your feelings on Klondike Bars and what would you do for one?

KO: Ummm…They’re okay. I would probably go to Trucchi’s and buy one.


KP: Wait, don’t you work at Trucchi’s?

KO: Yeah, I wouldn’t put too much effort into it…..Wait! I just remembered. I’m also on National Honor Society!


KP: How could I have forgotten that? I’m on National Honor Society with you.

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