Guiding Others Is Her Specialty

Ms. Danielle Gaylor is the new administrative assistant in the Guidance department


Jason Rizzitano

Ms. Danielle Gaylor, Abington High School Assistant Administrator of Guidance, in her office during the spring of 2021.

Jason Rizzitano, Contributor

Ms. Danielle Gaylor has worn many hats at Abington High School. From 2000-2004, she worked as a tutor in the Special Education Department. In that role, Gaylor assisted students who needed additional help in English and Math classes.

When she left that position, she joined the corporate world as an Operation/Communication Manager where she worked for 15 years. She then returned to the high school.

“I always enjoyed working at AHS. After a long time in the corporate world, I decided to make a change. I had the opportunity to come back in 2019 to be a Paraprofessional.”

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I love helping and motivating people.”

— Ms. Danielle Gaylor

In that role, Gaylor assisted students in classrooms with Ms. Pflaumer, Mr. Cutter, Mr. Kitterick , Mrs. Keneally,  Mr. Siegel.

“I absolutely loved working in the classroom assisting each teacher, and helping students with their assignments,” Gaylor said. “I enjoyed our discussions, their creativity, and seeing the results of their hard work.”

Last summer, when a guidance position became available when long-time administrative assistant Mr. Paula Potter retired, Gaylor applied. “It was the perfect opportunity to combine my love for working with students and my knowledge from the corporate world,” she said.

Ms. Gaylor does a lot more in guidance than just schedule appointments.

When asked what her typical day or week was like, Gaylor said, “I assist guidance counselors, [help with] student registration, coordinate the Virtual Learning program, schedule meetings, coordinate scholarships for seniors, write The Jr/Sr Newsletter, and other administrative tasks.”

Gaylor lives locally with her husband and three children. Outside of school, she works as a fitness coach. “I am working to get my Personal Training and Nutrition license.” She said, “I was [also] a singer in a band.” She holds her degree in Communications from Bridgewater State University.

About all of her roles, Gaylor said, “I love helping and motivating people.”