Principal on a Roll

Mr. Jonathan Bourn scoots through Abington High School


Sabrinna Medeiros

Mr. Jonathan Bourn, principal at Abington High School “scootering” though the hallways on March 11, 2021.

Sabrinna Medeiros, Contributor

In the spring of 2020, Mr. Jonathan Bourn rejoined Abington High School as the principal after formerly being the Assistant Principal ten years ago.

Recently, the “Green Wave Gazette” sat down to interview him about his recent injury.

Sabrinna Medeiros: How did you injure your ankle?

Mr. Bourn: “I hurt my ankle in 2013 playing basketball. I was told it was a severe sprain, but it never got better. I kept walking and running on it and dealt with the pain for many years. I finally got a doctors opinion that it was a problem that could be solved by surgery.”

Medeiros: When did it happen?

Mr. Bourn: “I had the surgery on February 9, so I could use February vacation to rest.”

Medeiros: How long is the recovery time?

Mr. Bourn: “The full recovery time is six months, when I will be ‘back to normal’. I will be in my walking boot for probably the next two months or longer. I cannot put weight on my boot for three more weeks”

Medeiros: Can you drive?

Mr. Bourn: “Since it is my left ankle, I can still drive, thankfully.”

Medeiros: How is it affecting your school and home time?

Mr. Bourn: “The school is actually really easy, since the building is so new it has all of the accessibility features like automatic doors that make it easy to get around in. My house is pretty good too, but it is really hard to make meals when on a scooter.”

Medeiros: Where did you get the idea to use a scooter?

Mr. Bourn: “My foot doctor recommended I get the scooter, which I have seen other people use. I purchased it at the doctor’s office.”

But, I would love to get a bell or a horn to announce my presence.”

— Mr. Jonathan Bourn

Medeiros: Do you enjoy using it or is it annoying?

Mr. Bourn: “I love me knee scooter. Even though I would prefer to be walking, I can zip through the hallways and annoy many more students now than I could before. It does get annoying in tight places and getting it in and out of my car.”

Medeiros: Is it more convenient than using crutches?

Mr. Bourn: “Way, way, way, better than crutches. I do bring my crutches with me, but the scooter is much better.”

Medeiros: What inspired your decision to decorate it and will there be other themes?

Mr. Bourn: “The inspiration to decorate it came from Ms. Ferioli who wanted to ensure that everyone got a giggle when they saw me out and about. This was some very welcome joking with my colleagues in the school. There are no future plans for the themes. But, I would love to get a bell or a horn to announce my presence.”

If you see him on the scooter, but without a cast, it is because Mr. Bourn likes his “scooterings.”He said, that “It [scootering] is just way too much fun in the school” to continue without it.


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