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Spring Fashion is in the Air

Converse All-Star Sneakers

Amandha Antonio

Converse All-Star Sneakers

Spring is finally here, which means it’s time to pack away those heavy coats and scarves and make room in your closet for some new clothes. Here are a few tips to help you get started on your spring wardrobe.

This season, tribal print is one of the most popular and flattering prints on any piece of clothing, according to Vogue Paris. From long maxi skirts and dresses to blouses, this trend is eye catching and colorful. Tribal print would look best paired with a solid color top or bottom that corresponds to a color within the print itself.

According to Elle Magazine, some of the most popular colors this spring are pastel shades. Any light pink, yellow, coral, or green articles of clothing are used during spring to reflect the light and cheerful colors of flowers and plants. Pairing up multiple pieces of clothing all with different pastel colors is in as well. For example, taking a pastel yellow top and matching it with a pastel pink skirt or pair of pants is another popular look.

Pack away the combat boots and riding boots, because the trendiest shoes for spring are Converse sneakers. The Love Style Fashion Blog says that paired with denim jeans or even skirts, adding high top or regular Converse to any outfit is another look to add to your spring collection. To add some spring flair, get Converse in any pastel color!

Elle Magazine also stated that collared shirts are possibly the biggest trend this spring. The best thing about these is that they can be dressed up or dressed down. To dress up a collared shirt, add a bright colored necklace, or to dress it down, pull over a light sweater. This shirt creates a preppy sophisticated look perfect for school or even a fancier occasion.

For makeup, a natural face with slight pops of color is the most popular look. Stay simple with eye shadow, using light browns and pinks, but to add some flair wing out your eyeliner to create a more dramatic yet effortless effect. Popular blush and lip colors this season are light pinks and corals.

Now that you know all you need to add to your closet this spring, get shopping!