Book Review: “Fight for Freedom”

Vivid Historical Fiction Reads Like a Movie

Simon Scarrow is a historical fiction writer known for his books that take place during the time of the Roman Empire. “Fight for Freedom” is the first young adult’s book he has written, and is the first in the new “Gladiator” series. The story is set in Italy at the height of the Roman Empire. The main character is a boy named Marcus, the son of a Roman centurion who becomes a student in a gladiator school after his father is killed and his mother is enslaved.

Simon Scarrow wrote Marcus as brave and strong, but also gives him child-like traits so the younger reader can experience the journey through the eyes of a less hardened warrior.  He vividly describes the frequent battles that happen within the book which may not be appealing to some, but to others it would be enjoyable. This book would make a celebrated movie because it would entertain many audiences, especially fans of historical fiction who are intrigued by the life of the people living during the time of the Roman Empire. The suspense and anticipation of what could happen makes this book a quick read – which is a good thing because the second book in the series is already in bookstores.