Green Wave Goes Pink!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month a Success

During Breast Cancer Awareness week at Abington High School, seniors Abbie Lyons, Linda Daye, Manda Riddick, Michaela Kane and Arlene Perez gather together in Mrs. McHugh’s English class on Friday, October 25, 2019.

Kayla Larkin-Goldman, Contributor


The week of Oct. 21, Abington High School students and faculty united to support Breast Cancer Awareness. The Student Athletic Advisory Council (SAAC) went around all week selling pink, long sleeve T-shirts and bracelets that stated “Fight for a Cure” and “#washoutcancer”. The selling of the apparel took place during all lunch periods from Monday-Thursday in the high school cafeteria.  All proceeds were donated towards breast cancer research.

Lauren Kelleher, a senior and the president of SAAC, believes this is an important cause. “Breast Cancer touches home for a lot of families in Abington, so I am very proud that SAAC is able to run this event.” She hopes that since the SAAC has been running Breast Cancer Awareness Week at Abington High for the past few years, it will be continued next year after she graduates. 

Many thought that the event was successful. Ms. Erin Slayton said, “I give it two thumbs up,” while Ms. McHugh said, “It turned out very well. Students ended up wearing a lot of pink.”

With everyone who contributed, roughly $1,000 was raised in support of breast cancer research, an important cause.