Meet Mr. Szulak

Abington High’s New Science Teacher Enjoys All Things Bio


Cameron Curney

Mr. Kevin Szulak, seen here working after school on October, 2019, is the new AP Biology and Anatomy teacher at Abington High School. He enjoys marine biology, as the horseshoe crab on his desk may imply.

Cameron Curney, Production Manager

A South Shore native originally hailing from Duxbury, Mr. Kevin Szulak is the new biology and anatomy teacher at Abington High School.  He comes with four years of teaching experience under his belt and is “excited to teach AP Biology for the first time.”

Mr. Szulak has been thinking about a biology related career since he was in high school. He said, “I always had a general direction to my career, to be a pharmaceutical sales rep.  Unfortunately, everything in that industry is up and down.”  Fortunately for Abington High students, the pharma industry is constantly fluctuating, making it a difficult industry to enter without solid connections.

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Each year I hope to incorporate more hands-on experiences and project development.”

— Mr. Kevin Szulak

For the most part Mr. Szulak always wants to “improve every year, get a little better.”   He said, “I dislike monotony” and explained that “each year I hope to incorporate more hands-on experiences and project development.”  That is, after all, what much of real-world research consists of.

What Mr. Szulak really looks for in his classroom is when students ask the question, “What are we going to do today, Mr. Szulak?”  He said, “That is how you know you got them interested and hooked.”

Other than AP biology and the pharmaceutical industry, Mr. Szulak has a strong affinity for marine biology.  “I’m a big marine bio guy. That is why I have a picture of [marine biologist] Jeremy Wade on my cabinets in the back there.  He’s the dream job there.  He’s the host angler of River Monsters on Animal Planet.  If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it.”

Mr. Szulak watches the show as a scientist would. What he likes about the show is Wade “breaking down the physiological processes of all the fish that he catches and the visual aids that he gives are unbelievable. The one episode that really sticks out to me that I’ve always shown in class is the electric executioner, which is about the electric eel in the Amazon.  Just the physiology behind the electric eel is just amazing.  They have electrical cells that produce enough electricity to stop your heart.  It is all based off of modified muscle cells.”  Mr. Szulak’s enthusiasm for science is apparent.

If you ever have any questions, Mr. Szulak preaches an open door policy. You can find him in room 1206.