Review: The Book of Hidden Things

What Happens When a Pact Is Broken?


Diego Martinez

The Book of Hidden Things is a thriller by Francesco Dimitri. It follows the story of four friends who have secrets.

Diego Martinez, Contributor

Francesco Dimitri, the author of “The Book of Hidden Things”, is an Italian writer that is currently living in London. He was born May 23, 1981 in Manduria. His books are mostly fiction and non-fiction.

Dimitri published “The Book of Hidden Things” in 2018. This novel is a mixture of fiction and thriller. The four different protagonists (Tony, Mauro, Fabio and Art) in the story have many secrets that will unravel throughout the novel, but they don’t know that these secrets can unleash chaos. The novel gives each character’s perspective on what is going on in the story. The four friends make a pact that they would meet every day in a little pizzeria called Casalfranco. They all show up for the next 17 years, but one night they are all meeting up in Casalfranco, but Art is missing. Tony, Mauro, and Fabio wait for Art for three hours and he doesn’t show up. They decided to go up to his house and they find a dead dog and they notice that Art has been growing weed.

It is an interesting mystery and thriller. This book is neat in a way that it shows you the different sides of a story, like letting you know each character’s decisions. It also describes a lot about the different secrets that they all have; some secrets are even about each other.

I would give this book four and a half stars because of the way it is telling the story, and the drama in the main characters’ lives rises when they start facing their secrets. I also like the way the author shows symbolism in the book. It relates to the characters a lot. I would recommend this book because the action keeps rising so it makes it more interesting.

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