What Can Be Done about Terrorism?

Don’t Let Darkness Win


Natecull [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)]

“Hate and terror will never divide us” poster at Christchurch mosque shooting memorial, Thursday 21 March 2019

Erin Maniscalco, Contributor

This is serious and there’s something that needs to be done. It seems that terrorist attacks have increased for many years, and people are afraid.

On April 15, 2013, the Tzarnaev brothers set off two homemade bombs at the Boston Marathon. Three people were killed in the attack: Martin Richard, age 8; Lu Lingzi, age 23; and Krystle Campbell, age 29. Hundreds of others were injured and many lost limbs. Even though there were two terrorists, many people rushed and helped. Terrorist might have thought they won, but good people are a lot stronger than them.

Terrorists keep trying to hurt people.  Two years ago on May 22, 2017, Ariana Grande was having a concert for the Dangerous Women Tour in Manchester U.K., at the Manchester Arena. There were over 14,000 people there. It ended with the song “One Last Time,” a song she came out with in 2014. As fans were leaving the arena, a bomb exploded at one of the exits at 10:30 pm. Twenty three people died in this tragic event, including the bomber himself. More than 50 people were injured.

It’s hard to talk about because so many people have suffered such severe, tremendous loss”

— Ariana Grande

This whole event really affected Grande. She went to Instagram to talk about the situation and said that she wanted to go out there and help, but her team said it was too dangerous. For many months people would comment under her posts saying “You’re a killer”. Just very mean, horrible stuff. She revealed to British Vogue the she suffers from PTSD “It’s hard to talk about because so many people have suffered such severe, tremendous loss. But, yeah, it’s a real thing,” Ariana said of her PTSD. “I know those families and my fans and everyone there experienced a tremendous amount of it as well.”

But she couldn’t let all the darkness win, so two weeks later she performed a concert called “One Love Manchester.” Fifty thousand people showed up to support her and to remember the people who lost their lives that night. She raised a lot of money for the victims and even donated money as well. She brought many well-known artists to join her for this event.

Grande’s still so heartbroken and got a bumblebee tattoo behind her ear to show her love for Manchester. According to Daily Edge “The bumblebee has been the symbol of Manchester since the 1800s as back the Manchester had a lot of textiles mills which were often described as ‘hives of activity’” They also shared that “Ariana has now added another tattoo to her growing collection to honor the victims of the attack by getting a bumblebee tattooed on her neck which she revealed on her Instagram on May 24, 2017 with the caption saying forever.” She also tribute her song “No Tears Left to Cry” to Manchester as well.

Terrorism seems to just keep happening in world. When will it stop? On March 15, 2019, according to CNN, “A 28 year old Australian citizen went to two mosques in New Zealand, in the city of Christchurch, killing at least 50 people and wounding 50,” said Ben Westcott.

The response that New Zealand gave to this terrorist attack allowed the world to see true beauty rising from the ashes said News Now in a March 20 article. The people rose up and showed their love for their country and to those who lost their lives. The people in Christchurch wanted to say to the terrorists, you can’t win. We won’t let you. “The Prime Minister and the people of Christchurch rallied together and around the Muslim community.” They showed their true love and fought for what was right. According to the New Zealand Herald, “a thousand people attended a rally in central Auckland this afternoon to oppose racism, while thousands gathered for a vigil in Christchurch’s North Hagley Park.” These people gathered to remember the victims of the mosque attacks and to offer messages of support and solidarity for those affected on social media and in real life.

We all have to do the same thing. We have to be strong and fight the darkness, the hate. We all have to know that we shouldn’t give up and let negative energy win. We have to stand up and speak out against evil.