What Nature Can Teach Us

Students Observe the Natural World


Ms. Pflaumer, newspaper advisor

Juniors Kaitlyn Dosenberg, Jillian Tobin, and Jarib Cole take a nature walk around the school in late February 2019. Students in American Literature class read the work of Henry David Thoreau and other transcendentalists who encourage people to simplify their life and see the beauty that is already here.

Gabe Spry, Contributor

In American Literature class, students had an assignment to write a nature journal. Two weeks were given including February vacation to sit outside for a minimum of 10 minutes over a period of five days and take a break away from electronics. Many enjoyed the break.

Students learned a little bit more about themselves and about caring for the earth. “I learned that nature is very precious and we humans should be treating it with more respect and kindness,” said junior Talita Smith.

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It is very relaxing to just sit and watch nature, being away from your phone and  just in your creative thoughts.”

— Sean Landers

Similarly, junior Jake Bennett said, “I enjoyed the assignment because it allowed me to really appreciate our Earth. It brought back childhood memories.” Like other students, Bennett also thought about the destruction occurring in the environment.  “I learned that while observing nature we are destroying this planet. I will now always pay attention to what I do that may hurt the Earth,” he said.

Junior Lexi McColgan said, “I felt myself changed.” After thinking about the way the environment is getting polluted, she said, “I knew from the first day that I would do my best to see a change occur in this world.” McColgan has begun to make changes to make the world better. “There will no longer be a day that goes by where I do not believe in the possibility of greatness for this planet. Science even states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. It is now up to us to make these actions positive and outstanding,” she said.

While some students thought about environmental issues, others like junior Sean Landers liked the freedom from stress. “It is very relaxing to just sit and watch nature, being away from your phone and  just in your creative thoughts.”

Smith agreed, saying “I learned that I enjoy my time alone, especially when I am looking at nature.”

The assignment of connecting with nature taught students to take a step away from electronics. Going outside reduced the stress and just made everything peaceful. Students were able to just sit by themselves and not have to worry about anything else going on.

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