Teacher Spotlight on Ms. Slayton

Meet the English Department’s Newest Member


Leticia Meneghetti

Ms. Erin Slayton, seen in her classroom at Abington High School, is the most recent member to the join the English Department, coming on board in the fall of 2018.

Leticia Meneghetti, Staff Writer

Ms. Erin Slayton has recently joined Abington High School as an English teacher, volleyball coach, and assistant librarian. Outside of school, she is also an entrepreneur, having her own handmade jewelry line.

After graduating from Whitman Hanson Regional High, Ms. Slayton went to Westfield State University, where she majored in English and completed the Secondary Education program to acquire a license to teach grades 9-12.  Ms. Slayton gained experience by being a long-term substitute teacher at her former high school.

Ms. Slayton says that becoming a teacher was “the ideal blend for challenging me both creatively and critically.”

This year, Ms. Slayton teaches three classes: two classes of freshmen and and one class of seniors. She also scored the position of volleyball coach for the JV team. She says that this was a great opportunity to get “immersed into the school right off the bat.” She also said that she was able to meet “amazing girls and have some fun while at it.”

When asked what is her favorite thing about being a teacher, she replied, “Without a doubt, it is the students.” Specifically, Ms. Slayton said, “I adore cultivating a classroom space where everyone can feel comfortable and free to express themselves, while learning and widening their perspectives along the way.”

Besides teacher, coaching, and making jewelry, Ms. Slayton also loves to write and read. Her favorite book as of now is The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.