Students Reflect on the Realities of the Road

Students Reflect on Their Experiences in the Distractology Driving Simulator


Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license

Photo of busy road, with many drivers from Wikimedia Commons, used with permission

Abby Joyce, Social Media Manager

Following the Distractology simulator brought to AHS by Arbella Insurance and Independence Insurance for the first two weeks of March to show students what it is like to drive distracted, many students reflected on their experiences and how it taught them the effects of their actions.

As a student who participated in the simulator, it was shocking to see how such small actions or distractions can cause major accidents. You had to make sure that everything you did was double checked and the right maneuver to be safe. It was alarming to see your simulated car crashed as a result of something that you may not think twice about doing, such as looking at your phone, using the radio, texting, and stopping or slowing down at the proper times.

It made me never want to use my phone in the car.

— Brooke Barry

Sophomore, Brooke Barry, who has a permit talked about her experience. She said, “The Distractology course was really informative. It made me more aware of the dangers of distracted driving. It explained the different types of distractions like music texting and eating.” She adds some insight about what lessons it taught her. “It also was a realistic simulation and it gave you real life scenarios. It made me never want to use my phone in the car.” said Barry.

Senior, Nathan Joyce [the writer’s brother], who has a drivers license says, “ It taught me to be more aware of my surroundings when I am driving and to always double check to make sure the road is clear.”

Sophomore and GWG writer, Emily Coulsey, who also has a permit said, “Distractology taught me that almost anything can be a distraction when driving, whether that be a person, music, or a cell phone.” Coulsey also warns other drivers and says, “ I became even more aware that driving requires complete focus because anything can go wrong if you’re not paying attention, whether it’s your own fault or not.”

Thank you to Arbella Insurance and Independence Insurance Agency for bringing this program to our school and opening our eyes to how harmful slight distractions or warnings can be while behind the wheel.