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Students at Abington High School, along with four chaperones, visit the Arno River in Florence, Italy on February 17, 2020

An Ancient Getaway

March 15, 2020

Meet the Chaperones for the Peru Trip

Lily Bonner, Staff Writer

March 8, 2019

Mrs. Daisy is no stranger to traveling, She was born in Japan because her Dad was stationed in Okinawa during the Vietnam War. When she was in high school, she went to Spain and France in 1986 with Brockton High. In college, she spent a semester in Aus...

Abington High School travelers standing in front of Conuco Farm where they learned about Dominican farming systems and coffee.
Juniors: Grace O’Donnell, Kathryn Sage, Olivia Litzenburg, Ailey Riddick, Manda Riddick, Corin Mahan, Kayli Tobin, Trinity O'Connor, Emmalee Ezzell, Julie Warsheski, Hannah Liebke, Mikayla Littman
Seniors: Emily Duchaney, Sophie Reardon, Hanna Thurburg, Maddie Contrino, Amanda Nguyen, Shannon Snyder, Megan Reid, Jordyn Needle, Mike Broomstein 
Teachers: Mrs. Peck, Mr. Campbell, and Ms. Reardon

Abington Takes on DR

February 28, 2019

Amazing Spain

Amazing Spain

April 14, 2016

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