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Celtics at Wizards 1/24/17

Let the Playoffs Begin!

The Celtics and NBA are ready for Action

The NBA season has ended and it is finally playoff time, and time to predict who will win. It’s been an exciting and competitive season.  The Golden State Warriors stood true, winning 67 games with all-star forward Kevin Durant. Even though he missed 20 games due to injuries, he proved that he can fit into the Warriors mold. His ex-Oklahoma Thunder teammate Russell Westbrook had the season of his life, breaking the single season triple double (a double-digit total in three of five statistical categories in a single game) record, surpassing long time record holder Oscar Robertson, by getting 42. Now he will face off against ex-teammate and fellow MVP candidate James Harden in the first round, which is sure to be a great opener.

Many analysts, fans and media have the Warriors as easy Western Conference champions, but the San Antonio Spurs will have something to say about that. They sit at the two seed in the Western Conference and are playing fantastic basketball. They have been led by coach in Gregg Popovich, who always seems to make a team great. They have also been led by MVP candidate Kawhi Leonard, whose numbers are beyond belief. He averaged 25.5 points per game 3.5 assists per game and 5.8 rebounds per game. They are a huge favorite out of the Western Conference, but can they outlast the Warriors?

(The Celtics) had the grit, coaching and hustle to come out as the number one seed.

— Yazan Zaidan

Out of the east, our hometown Boston Celtics, have emerged as the first seed. This team had the grit, coaching, and hustle to come out as the number one seed, but some people did not think they could do it. A lot of analysts and fans will tell you they had Cleveland in the first spot and are on their way to their third consecutive appearance in the finals, but the Celtics are a top tier team. They are led by the underrated Isaiah Thomas, “Mr. Fourth Quarter,” who is posting career numbers 28.9 PPG, 5.9 APG and 2.7 RPG. And, he has been the most clutch player this season, averaging about 10 fourth quarter points an outing.

As much as I would love to gloat about the Celtics, LeBron James is having the best season of his career. His numbers are through the roof. He achieved 13 triple doubles, which was third in NBA, and he is only 32. The season that he is having should not at all be overshadowed by his team’s not so stellar play as of late. If the Cavaliers manage to win the championship, he will have etched his name as the greatest basketball player to ever step foot on the planet.

My Predictions

The East Conference Playoffs

  • The Celtics will sweep Chicago Bulls as Rondo makes his return against Boston.
  • The Cleveland Cavaliers will beat the Indiana Pacers in five.
  • The Toronto Raptors beat the Milwaukee Bucks in six games.
  • The Washington Wizards edge the Atlanta Hawks in seven.


The Western Conference Playoffs

  • The Golden State Warriors beat Portland Trail Blazers in six.
  • The San Antonio Spurs beating the Memphis Grizzlies in five.
  • The Houston Rockets beat the Oklahoma City Thunder in seven.
  • The Los Angeles Clippers beat the Utah Jazz in six.


Editor’s Note – Contributor Yazan Zaidan is a freshman in Ms. Pflaumer’s English class. If you would like to read more of what he has to say about the NBA, MLB and NFL or Lebron James, you can follow him on [email protected].

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