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Abington High School students wrap up the week in a learning center on Friday, April 16, 2021.

Abington High School Back to In Person Learning

Teachers are hopeful for a return to a safe normal

On Monday, April 12, Abington High School welcomed all students back to the classrooms. The middle school students returned last Monday, April 5.

Hundreds of students attended blocks of classes: 1-4 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and 5-7 with a bridge block period on Tuesday and Thursday.

This week was the first time that all high school students were together in classes since Thursday, March 12, 2020. Students and teachers gathered outside for breaks each period.

Mrs. Dion, who teaches Math, spoke to a Green Wave Reporter, as did Mr. Jayakumar who teaches Math and Computer Science, and Mr. Cutter who teaches English. They  talked about being back in the building with all of their students in the classroom.

Mr. Cutter Happy to See Everybody

Allison Walsh, Contributor

Mrs. Dion Hopeful for the Coming Weeks

Allison Walsh, Contributor

Mr. Jayakamur Hopeful for a Return to Normal

Allison Walsh, Contributor


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