Alison Santosuosso, archived photo

Sticky notes line the hallway lockers at Abington High School on Friday, January 31, 2020, as seen on the second floor English wing.

Whose Room Is It?

This 2020-2021 school year has looked a lot different on many levels. In the classrooms, the desks were three-feet apart. There was no soft seating. Students sat in orderly rows. And everyone faced forward. Most students had laptops open and worked on their screen. There was no group work or pair work.

Outside of the classroom, students sat at desks for lunch. There was no Green Wave Cafe. The parking lots were never full and the hallways were not crowded.

Although some things have changed, teachers continue to teach in their classrooms and the staff and administration still carry on business as usual. So how well do you know the classrooms and other areas at AHS?

These photos are of some areas at the high school. For a clue about which area or room it is, click on the photo.

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Mystery Room 1
Mystery Room 2
Mystery Room 3
Mystery Room 4
Mystery Room 5
Mystery Room 6
Mystery Room 7
Mystery Room 8
Mystery Room 9
Mystery Room 10
Mystery Room 11
Mystery Room 12
Mystery Room 13