Freshman Dani Dilorenzo on Covid-19’s Impact on Learning

When asked how she feels about the remote and hybrid model of learning this year, Abington High School freshman Danielle “Dani” Dilorenzo said, “Abington is doing everything they can to keep us as safe as possible, and each strategy has its own pros and cons.”

Dilorenzo said the hardest part of going to school in the hybrid model was “only seeing your teachers in person one time a week” and that she found “it harder to keep up with lessons and homework.” She also found that in the hybrid model “it was definitely challenging to keep up.”

However, Dilorenzo appreciated being with the teacher in class, even if only once a week. She said,  “it was great for students to socialize in person rather than through a screen.” 

When the classes switched from hybrid to fully remote on Microsoft Teams from Oct. 27 to Nov. 14, the Green and Wave students met together remotely twice a week instead of only once. That meant they were able to get approximately 180 minutes of a classroom experience and hold discussions with more peers, as the cohorts were combined during these two weeks.

Although there were benefits to being fully remote, Dilorenzo said, “with the remote model came more homework and less time to complete it. Finding the motivation to do homework after having meetings all day.”