Students Share Thoughts about Learning during a Pandemic

How do students feel about the different types of learning structures? The Green Wave Gazette interviewed a few students to find out. 

This year, students, teachers, and staff have had to be flexible when returning to Abington High School last September. Teachers and staff arrived on Sept. 15, while students came on Wednesday, Sept. 16. The 7-period-a-day schedule had changed.

They attended four 80-minute classes a day on Mon and Tue or Thur and Fri. Students met with each teacher only once per week. 

Each Wednesday, students were given the day to attend meetings with teachers and schedule their Bridge Block appointments with their mentor. 

And then the changes began. First, on Oct. 27 when the district went fully remote.

Then, on Nov. 16, hybrid classes started up again.

On Jan. 19, Abington started yet another method of hybrid learning, with students attending in person school two days a week and the other two remotely.

And another change might be in the horizon as Gov. Baker pushes for all students to return to classroom learning.

After five months of going to school amid the pandemic, students at Abington High School have dealt with numerous trials and errors of hybrid and remote learning. 

Freshman Dani Dilorenzo on Covid-19’s Impact on Learning

Lily Bonner, Staff Writer

When asked how she feels about the remote and hybrid model of learning this year, Abington High School freshman Danielle "Dani" Dilorenzo said, “Abington is doing everything they can to keep us as safe as possible, and each strategy has its own pros and cons." Dilorenzo said the hardest part of going to school in the hybrid model was "only seeing your teachers in person one time a week" and that ...

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