Messi and Ronaldo: Is One Best?

How do you choose between excellence and excellence? Which is best when both things being compared are good? 

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are arguably the two greatest soccer players of all time. Messi is currently playing for Barcelona, and Ronaldo is currently playing for Juventus. For over ten years, both players have dominated their leagues “La Liga” and “Serie A,” respectively. And both bring something special to their team.

However, after comparing statistics one player does seem to be a little better than the other. 

It is true that both Ronaldo and Messi have won the “Ballon d’Or” (the world player of the year award) five times. But, Ronaldo is the better player due to his presence on the field.

For instance, Ronaldo is a more proven scorer in more competitive leagues. Messi, has only ever played in one league. When in “La Liga,” Messi was on the best team, so the competition was not as intense as what Ronaldo had to face when playing Messi and other intense opponents in the the Premier League.

As a result, Ronaldo has competed against almost every great soccer team in the world. So although both Messi and Ronaldo are excellent, data supports Ronaldo is slightly more so.

The attached infographic provides facts that can help you to make an educated decision on which player you think is superior. 

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Messi and Ronaldo Infographic

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